Tuesday, March 5, 2013

January 18, 1975 (Letter from Grayce)

Hello -- I know that the jobs on this list might win 1st prize for the most boring category -- but, ....

Anyway, let me know if you hear anything from your interviews.  If not, please do come spend a few days on not-so-sunny South Avenue!?  I promise not to fix spaghetti and the sun parlor doesn't look like a showroom anymore.  Also, we'd like to see you & maybe you could look for a job -- temporary or permanent -- while you're here.  One never knows!

Don't worry about writing.  I look back at them.   Maybe the scattering of ashes would have the most dignity?  What do you think.

Oh well -- enough of this nonsense.  What do you think I should do in July (if we don't go to Idaho?) I haven't the heart for library type job hunting again with results similar to my present position -- my sensitive self cannot go through this again.  Maybe I'll just get a waitressing job.  I like ti in some ways.  Oh well, six months to think about this dilemma.

Take care.

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